My Buzz

The response has been amazing since winning #SBS and its only been 24hours, with lots of amazing new followers on twitter and folks being more aware of what MoonKo is about and what we sell.

Its a wonderful feeling to be apart of a great community of businesses striving for success. Thank you so much Theo & all your team

Thank you everyone

My Bio

Since graduating as an artist and exhibiting internationally, i became increasingly aware how competitive the creative industry can be, especially for emerging graduates within the art sector. I decided to do something about this, hence MoonKo was born. It started online, but grew very quickly, with lots of support, hence Moonko, a beautiful retail space came into being.

Since our opening in 2014, things have gone from strength to strength, with lots of exciting events, exhibitions, products lined up for 2015

Watch this Space

My Business Tips

Being your own boss can be the hardest and most amazing thing you can ever do...... You have to really believe in your products, concept, people you work with esp when things can become tough.

Always learn from your mistakes and strive to be better. Always take advice, but be self assured to make your own decision, trust you know what's best for your business. Sometimes you will get it right and sometimes you will get it wrong, that's aright, learn and move on

Don't stop loving what you do & learn to delegate

Have fun

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