My Buzz

Winning #SBS has been brilliant! I had been trying for a long time but it was completely worth the wait! Days after my win I had acquired over 100 new followers on Twitter and sparked lots of interest from the local press...I can't wait to see what lies ahead..!

My Bio

My name is Beckie and I founded Musical Moments back in September 2011. I graduated from Leeds College of Music with a degree in music, specialising in Community Music. I struggled to find a job after graduation - so decided to create my own. We currently work with almost 100 different care and residential homes in the East Cheshire, South Manchester and Staffordshire area, providing stimulating and interactive musical sessions and workshops. We have recently expanded by taking on several members of part-time staff.

Musical Moments also provide music workshops for other age groups, also specialising in Early Years Music (I am currently studying for a part-time M.A. in Early Years Music Education) children with additional needs, and active 'Over 50s' groups.

Earlier this year we were also thrilled to have been awarded 'Most Promising New Business 2014' by the East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce. In October we were also awarded the Silk FM Local Hero Award for 'Social Enterprise of the Year'.

My Business Tips

-If you want something, never stop trying. It will always happen eventually if you work hard enough!

-Always return phone calls, my pet hate is when someone says 'I'll call you back tomorrow' and they never do!

- Be passionate about your product - love what you do and convince everyone else to love it too! If you don't love what you do, how on earth will you manage to get anyone else to?

-Service with a Smile: my job is very rewarding and has a great feel-good factor, but even if I'm feeling a bit down one day, I still keep a smile on my face at work.

-Opportunity doesn't always knock - you sometimes need to build a door...

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