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My Life Pack ... Your Life at Your Fingertips ® makes a great gift for all occasions such as Christmas, a house warming present, wedding present, baby shower gift or for your older relatives or busy families. It helps people who would like to get manage their life more easily to save time, money and stress and stay on top of their paperwork and admin so they have more time for the more enjoyable things in life - family, friends, hobbies or business. My Life Pack also appeals to those who want to be even more organised and to the squeezed middle who are still responsible for their children and, increasingly, their own aging parents.

My Life Pack ... Your Life at Your Fingertips ® " our unique personal organising manual created from helping clients get organised for life since 2010

My Life Pack ® guides you through an easy to follow process getting all areas of your day to day life under control in a one stop reference manual that is personal to you and your family saving you time money and stress.

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2015 : I am looking to build relationships to get My Life Pack out to a wider market - there are 26.4 million households in the UK ( Theo says ... we should all think big ! )

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I have written and designed My Life Pack ... Your Life at Your Fingertips - a one stop personal organiser manual from my experience of helping mu Silver Concierge clients get organised for life by helping them solve their daily problems and make more of their time, space and resources.
A member of APDOuk - The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers and their North West Area Representative, I work with people who are simply disorganised and just need a few pointers to get them back on track , with people who need a hand because they are moving house or renovating right though the spectrum to those with hoarding disorder .

I enjoyed a 28 year career as a financial controller, Acting Financial Director and then a business consultant mainly in the service and retail sectors with personal responsibility of budgets up to £65m and teams up to 30 people I've also worked in smaller organisations. I have always been an organiser, problem solver and fixer with a reputation for rolling up my sleeves and getting things done. So when a 2 year project finished in 2008 as the recession started to hit it was a perfect opportunity to put my skills and energy into my own business.

Thus, after research, I launched Silver Concierge in 2010 offering a wide range of professional organisation, decluttering, lifestyle management and business services to both private and business clients; using in house expertise or trusted vetted tradesmen and business associates. I am delighted to have won various awards for customer service since 2010 and been the leading business in my field on FreeIndex due to the independent customer reviews posted there by some of my customers.

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Delegation ( even as a sole trader ) is important - you need to spend time working on your business as well as in your business and still have time for family/friends - so outsourcing is the answer.

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got ....fine if it is working otherwise change something.

The only wrong decision is no decision.

Just Do It !

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£10 off a copy of My Life Pack ® personal organiser. A great gift for all occasions. quoting #sbswinnersoffer

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