My Buzz

Early days for mycraftycandles as our #sbs RT on Twitter was just a few days ago. However my initial response would be to say how very proud I am to have this recognition from Theo, I am sure that this will help me gain confidence and grow. I honestly believe that there will be great feedback from this following my first press release!

My Bio

My name is Martina, I live with my partner and our 4 children, one of our children has a disability, back in 2008 I decided after making a few candles for friends and family that I would start the website hoping that it would eventually allow my me more time to work from home and be with the family more.
Very much a huge learning curve building the website and promoting and a little bumpy along the way!

I make personalised candles, I am able to work across many areas, from weddings, christenings, new baby gifts, charity and corporate promotion to then working on remembrance keepsakes.
I like to always change and design new ideas which often come in a flash of brain storming at 3am!
It has taken alot of hard work and commitment to get to where I am and I will continue to work hard and make the website a success.

My Business Tips

Be your self, honest, work hard and have fun and smile !
Believe in what you can do and your ability to succeed, even if you feel like it is a dead end road there is always somewhere to go!
Network , network, network, get your brand known! meet people and have fun along the way
Believe ........AND tweet #SBS on Sunday of course!

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