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Winning #SBS has brought us as huge increase in followers and engagement on Twitter. The main buzz, however, is in our studios. The increased confidence Theos retweet has brought has invigorated us and helps us keep focus through the long hours we are working.

My Bio

Names In Lights were developed are created by Jill Bonner and John Blackburn at their studios in the North West of England.
Jill is a mainly self trained artist with a background in stained glass. She has completed many commissions in areas as diverse as sculpture and illustration. John is a talented engineer, prop maker, fettler and all around fixer of unconsidered trifles. Having always created unique artefacts and multifarious items of outstanding beauty, they have now combined their diverse talents to create their wonderful light sculptures.

As well as their range of personalised lights, they still find limited amounts of time to work on other individual and bespoke pieces. As well as leds and oak, they bend physics to art and construct amazing pieces with electro luminescent wire, driftwood, other hardwoods, one way mirror, infinity mirror, and a host of other unlikely but fascinating materials. John and Jill accept one-off commissions for eye-catching awards, presentation pieces, and corporate gifts too.

My Business Tips

1. Dare to be different. Get your own thing going on.
2. Use the internet. You can learn amazing things from tutorials. You would be surprised what you could do.
3. The more you can DIY, the more precious business capital you have to start with.
4. Treat all advice with caution. Advice is just that, you don't have to take it.

My Latest Offers

#SBS colour change lights coming soon, contact us to pre book.

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