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Nasty Vegan's Super Shakes are award-winning vegan protein shakes that pack in 25g of protein per serving as well as 26 vitamins and minerals. They're 100% natural, and are free from sugar and all 14 major allergens.

The Super Shakes are available in three flavours - chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry cheesecake. Just mix the powder with water or plant-based milk, and you get a delicious and nutritious drink. It's the perfect way for vegans to get all the nutrients that they may miss out on by not eating meat and dairy (each serving packs in more protein than four large eggs!).

The Super Shakes are complete protein, meaning they contain all of the essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein).

In 2022, Nasty Vegan received four industry awards from the SME Northamptonshire Business Awards, and the Northamptonshire Food and Drink Awards. The awards recognised Nasty Vegan's success at creating high quality, healthy products, its excellent customer service, and its potential for future growth. 😀

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