My Buzz

Tell us how #SBS has affected your business I think the whole of Worcester probably heard my happy shouts when I saw I'd won #SBS, once I'd calmed down I loved watching new followers appear but the best bit was the messages of support and congratulations from the Twitter community. It really helped launch my business and the support is still continuing 18 months on.

My Bio

On my Twitter profile I describe myself as a "happy Mum of 2, home restorer, animal nurturer, wine drinker, busy bee & here to help you send perfect presents"! That pretty much sums me up! I launched Net2Nana towards the end of 2010, I wanted to create a website that was totally dedicated to supplying gifts perfect for Mums, Grandmas and all older ladies. I'd been inspired my my Mum's recent 80th birthday, I come from a big family and I'd had several grown up, professional nieces & nephews on the phone bemoaning the fact they hadn't got a clue what to buy a vibrant, glamorous but elderly lady for her birthday. After a lot of research, decision making and hard work I started Net2Nana 6 months later.

My Business Tips

Get to know your market, I enlisted my Mum, aunties and all their friends to provide me with a focus group to trial my products and ideas! I also asked my potential customers what they were looking for in a "gifts for Grandmas" website and amongst the things they requested were simplicity, ease of use, free gift wrapping and knowing that every gift on the site would be suitable for older ladies. I really hope I've achieved all of this!
Twitter is a fabulous support network of people happy to inspire, share ideas, promote and despair with. Use, enjoy and remember it's a two way thing.
Always put your customers 1st, they trust you to provide a 1st rate experience so see if you can give them even more than they are expecting!

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