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Looking forward to a great 2022.

My Bio

I like to make my guests cry!

Family History and Local History are my passions, so when I decided to start my own business, it was an obvious choice to combine the two. Norfolk-Tours takes visitors on Ancestral Journeys, visiting places associated with their own family history. I carry out research and find out things my guests didn't know, I take them to Churches, houses and villages connected to their ancestors and often surprise them with information. The emotional journeys I take my guests on are often amazing. I know I've succeeded when my guests are reduced to tears.!

A real Norfolk Dumpling, I am so proud of my roots and thrilled that now, I am able to share my passions of local and family history with others. After working for thirty-five years, I decided that it was time to pursue my dream and work for myself, doing something I love: Norfolk-Tours was born.

My Business Tips

Do it. This life isn't a practice.

I'm not one for giving advice as it isn't how I am today but I can tell you what I do in life and that means I can look in the mirror and like the man I see, which is not something I have been able to do all my life!

I try to be generous today, with my time and my ears. I try to help where I can and not expect something in return. I network quite a lot and talk to people to hear what they need, just in case I can help them. I remind myself that I am only in control of one thing today and that thing is me.

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