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As it's only 24 hours since being picked as an #SBS winner I shall no doubt be updating this again very shortly! Certainly the profile of the company has been raised, we have 150 new twitter followers and every one offering congratulations and great business advice, where else could we have got this?!

My Bio

Northumbria Helicopters Limited was established in 1999 and our main base is at Newcastle International Airport. We are a CAA registered and certified Flight Training Organisation (FTO), and Type Training Organisation (TRTO), meaning we can provide training from PPl(H) Private Pilots Licence up to CPL(H) Commercial Pilots Licence. We are also the holder of an AOC Air Operators Certificate (GB 2257) allowing us to provide Commercial Air Transport (Charter) Flights. In October 2011 the business was bought by myself, Claire Jobling, and although I don't have any previous aviation industry experience I am fortunate to be working with some great people and the company is already expanding in what is generally a tough industry to currently be in.

My Business Tips

Expect good people to do great things, and they will. Don't be afraid to take risks but learn from your mistakes. High expectations are the key to everything.

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