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Since winning #SBS I have now started a community interest company (CIC) which will see the opening of the counties first non profit nursery for children with autism or associated difficulties. I hear many stories of children being excluded from school and nursery at very young ages due to extreme behaviours that staff do not understand. As OAG consultants I can and do give training, but the costs involved can make it difficult to ensure all staff are trained, and there is so much training required that sometimes non statutory training is missed. So as children leave the nursery and head off to the exciting world of primary school we will provide schools with as much detail as possible to support the children. We will offer training at reduced cost to these schools and support the transition for as long as needed. This should reduce the number of exclusions. WE will support families and offer a drop in facility for parents. In early 2014 we will open a parent group to support families and give them a point to socialise and meet other parents in similar situations.

Winning the #SBS and the coveted retweet on Sunday night has transformed my week enabling many new experiences, including hiring a copywriter and issuing press releases. The butterfly effect has begun.
My company is still new, less than a year old, and having the #sbs backing is an unexpected bonus. Many of my potential clients prioritise other aspects of business, leaving training until last. It is often undervalued and of low priority especially in this tough financial climate. I hope that with this win will raise the profile and benefits of training to increase efficiency in key areas.

My Bio

After years of working for many companies in residential, education and care I saw the mistakes being made in dealing with difficult clients this was rarely through anything more than lack of specific training. If mistakes are being made in these environments what mistakes are being made across other sectors?
I made it my mission to make the businesses, of this country at least, understand the importance of getting it right for everyone including people who are different.

My Business Tips

Communication is the key to many business problems, once you know how to do it well you will see the benefits.

Empower staff to do their jobs more effectively.

Consistency, in all things, will help your company run smoothly.

Accept people for who they are, not what they can do for you.

My Latest Offers

Launch night for the only non profit nursery in Yorkshire for children with Autism. 13/9/13 Mr Chu's Hull £25pp, come and support us

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