My Buzz

Being one of the #SBS Winners has been truly amazing for us, and defiantly something we suggest to those who haven't taken part in, do so!. already only within a week we have seen an increase in Twitter followers, website traffic and received tonnes messages of support, this alone has lifted our spirits and made us more determined than ever to become successful in business.

My Bio

Odin Events was founded in 2010, initially a supplier to children's activity camps, we have since grown in size and experience and aim to be one of the leading providers of event activities and event management in the UK.

To date we have supplied various organisations ranging from charities, schools, youth groups, mountain festivals, private parties and corporate functions. Some of our activities that are available to hire include mobile climbing towers, giant hamster balls (great fun!), archery and launched in 2013 the UK's first interactive mobile caving system, complete with a fully integrated CCTV system to allow spectators to feel fully involved.

We are also one the UK leading providers of giant snow globes, meaning that we have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest companies within the UK.

My Business Tips

Being very new to business, literally every day is a learning curve and is as exciting (and sometimes stressful!) as the previous. One thing we have learnt is hard work, honesty, perseverance and integrity gets you a long way in life as well as in business.

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