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Oi Doris, the typewriter artist, was created in 2014 when I had created some portraits of my nephews children for Christmas presents. From these, I kept getting asked for other personalised portraits. This gave me the confidence to leave my job as an Art Technician, committing myself to making it as an Artist. I’m a firm believer in following your heart, and leaving my job and launching Oi Doris just felt right.

As an art technician I had empathy with children who loved art yet felt they could not draw. As a child I was discouraged away from doing GCSE Art, purely on this basis of not being able to draw.
It took me years to realise art is so much more than putting pencil to paper, that art is about mark making.
Outside feedback told me that I had the skill to create original and unique pieces of art using nothing more than a good old-fashioned typewriter.
Committed and capable, I believed my next challenge would be to establish credibility and see if the public would buy my work. I officially launched via craft fairs, which provided me with a low cost interaction with customers and getting vital feedback. One-expression sums up the public’s response “WOW”.
From the feedback, two clear markets have emerged, commissions and greeting cards.
The number of commissions has grown massively. I have been lucky to be supported by friends and family initially, which not only helped to focus my work ethic, but also lead to a word of mouth recommendation.
Commissions so far have been; cars; holiday homes; shop fronts; animals; buildings; people.
My Facebook page and website continues to grow in popularity, and is now being followed by both Art lovers and Literary enthusiasts who still engage with the typewriter as a medium for expression.
My goal for 2017, hopes my designs, my career, and my passion will continue to grow at the whirlwind pace I have been blessed to have been a part of so far.
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