My Buzz

It's all about helping schools and businesses be happy, healthy places to grow, learn and work. There is no physical health without mental health and we've all got it, so we need to look after it!
We love empowering young people to be the best version of themselves by giving them the knowledge that they need to make good choices.
We want to encourage businesses to support the schools in their local community whilst also looking after their own staff. Happy, healthy staff increase productivity, reduce absence and make work a better place to be!

My Bio

We are two school nurses who set up the business in 2017; aiming to support young people in schools with all things relating to health and wellbeing. We offer a bespoke package of support which is individually tailored to the needs of each school.
As the business has developed we realised that whether you are 14 or 44 the need to look after your own mental health is the same! So we branched out into offering training and support into the corporate world!
We are passionate about offering a unique, quality service, whether its in education or business!

My Business Tips

Network! Network! Network! If you are passionate about what you do then talk about it; we've had some amazing opportunities from places that you would least expect because we have shared our passion!

Don't be afraid to ask for guidance - without our mentor we probably wouldn't have started the business in the first place!

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