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My vision for One Aromatherapy Co is to create an experience of wellbeing in each of my blends which has been specially created by the founder.

Using the beauty of Aromatherapy and the art of blending I have been able to achieve this.

I work with The Principles of Aromatherapy for Detoxing, Relaxing & Healing.

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Welcome to One Aromatherapy Co Bio.

Handcrafting Therapeutic Well-Being Aromatherapy Products

How It All Started...

From the age of 5 I loved beautiful smells.

My aunt used to work at a prestigious 5th Avenue Store in NYC called Bonwit Teller, next to Tiffany & Co, now known as the Trump Tower. The girls on the perfume counter would give my aunt samples which she gave to me. I would spray these beautiful scents on, not knowing how special Dior, Lauder or Patou was, then head out to play baseball with the boys as you do at that age. I was the best smelling tomboy on the block. My love of Aromas started.

When I was 19, I moved to San Diego, California where I discovered my first essential oil, Patchouli. I then studied more about this oil and was fascinated by the history and how the oil is extracted from a plant. The more I discovered the composition of essential oils, how grounding and emotionally balancing they are to us by allowing the brain and body to relax was captivating. Essential oils also benefits our skin, our overall wellbeing as well as our mood, our mind, body and health.

Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Post Natal Depression is something I have personally experienced. I worked in the IT Corporate sector where I had to balance life's demands as a single parent to my three children. I found that using essential oils has been therapeutic in helping my mood and with my sleep.

Therefore, based on my experiences, essential oils have inspired me to create bespoke products for wellbeing. Working with raw, natural products and the amazing principles of Aromatherapy, I feel our blends in each of our products are rather special which I have created just for you.

My products carry a UK Safety Assessment (CPSR) report and aligned to UK Legislation. I am a proud member of The Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers.

I am very lucky and proud to receive fabulous reviews about our products from London Lifestyle e-magazine Blowout Magazine and more recently a write up from our local paper Wokingham Today.

My journey of Aromatherapy learning never stops.

Many thanks for reading my story.

Jeanne | Aromatherapist, VTCT

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Owner & Founder of One Aromatherapy Co.

Follow One Aromatherapy Co:
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My Business Tips

Work with a product that moves you, something that you know you are good at.

Be of service to as many people as possible. They could be your next customer. Talk to everyone about it. Let them feel your passion.

Make your brand stand out, educate your product/brand. Define your brand with honest intention.

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