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The Wrapper, the Reusable Sandwich Wrapper!

No more single use cling film, tinfoil or plastic bags for wrapping up your sandwiches. The wrapper folds over like an envelope and seals with a velcro strip. It opens out into a plate - so no crumbs on the desk - then wipe down and reuse again and again. Perfect for picnics, toddler food or even keeping cheese in the fridge!

Made in Scotland with the help of the Inmates at Kilmarnock Prison.

My Bio

My back ground was Landscape Architecture , but when I had my three children I gave up working in practice.
I always loved design....but hated waste. With three children we were always out on picnics and I was horrified by the amount of waste generated. So it was back to the drawing board with cut out shapes and masking tape - and the Wrapper was born.
As the business thrived, I decided to scale up production. As a 'Green' product I really wanted it made locally - but I struggled. Companies wouldn't phone me back, or if they did the quotes were sky high!
I didn't want to go overseas so I contacted Kilmarnock Prison as I had heard they had workshops.
They were delighted to take it on as a project. It is fabulous: the inmates do a 6 week block in Industrial Sewing which gives them a qualification ( and a skill) , they get paid for their work and I get them made 30 minutes from home, so a win win situation.

My Business Tips

Be passionate, and never look back!

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