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#SBS was an exciting achievement for us. As a fledgling business with limited advertising budgets the exposure we received from Theo gave us a real boost. The traffic through the site increased immediately the hour Theo tweeted, and has steadied at a higher rate since. I think the real, most important benefit for us though, was that it gave us confidence to keep moving forward and working hard. It can be easy to doubt yourself or your business when you are tired from tremendous amounts of hard work or tight cash flow in the early days, and the SBS tweet gave us a great little confidence boost to help us to keep doing what we are doing.

My Bio

Formally OurGreenRoom, OOMF! are a contemporary Interior Design consultancy, serving the domestic and commercial sector working with both UK and International clients. The lively business model was set up, and is still run by young designers Lois & Robbi.

We focus on fresh, contemporary and design led products and materials within the premium market; from well known Scandinavian design houses to sought after independent producers.

Like our clients, we are very specific about the products, designers and partners we work with and our distinctive and careful styling and product selection is what we have become renowned for.

We offer a full interior design and soft furnishing service as well as supply of fabric, wallpaper, tracks, poles and paint supply as well as an enviable range of contemporary furniture and lighting. As well as the two of us, we are backed up by a fabulous, talented team of designers, consultants and experienced tradesman meaning we can offer the design, supply and installation of almost anything to do with modern interior spaces.

We are a young, truly independent and unique business with enthusiasm for what we do and how we can help you. It won't cost you a penny to ask, so if there is something you need, please give us a call; Lois or Robbi will be happy to help you.

My Business Tips

Don't have expectations that running a business is easy and will make your rich. Most entrepreneurs I know work twice as hard night and day than people with a day job. The opportunity for success is out there but no-body gets anything for nothing and you have to prepared to make sacrifices on your time and finances in a big way.

Don't be afraid to take (calculated) risks. I don't believe any businessperson gets anywhere without taking risks. You have to speculate to accumulate, but you must get the balance right and calculate your risks. I.e. what is the worst that could happen? Am I prepared for that? What could I gain and what could I lose? Is it worth the loss if I don't reach my goal? Have a plan for all scenarios and you should never find yourself in a difficult position.

Don't listen to the media. If you think there is a recession it will give you an excuse to accept poor sales performance. Imagine there is not a recession and think about how you can improve your sales.

Your customer is the MOST important thing. Treat them well and they will come back to you. Have time for your customer.


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