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My Bio

I worked as a sales director for 15 years before I started my own on-line retail business. The early stages of my career was spent within a business to business environment, before going into B2C. When starting Outdoor Living UK I went to the Far East to establish a base and colleagues to help source products to suit the business' needs. Since starting we have moved offices three times, as the business starts to expand. I am now looking to obtain considerable growth over the next two years to become the No.1 in the market for our product range.

My Business Tips

Ensure you have a well thought out business plan
Know your numbers, get the wrong and you will fail!!
Make your product unique and niche
Do your research first
Grow your business slowly, too quick will result in cash flow problems
Employ the right staff, at the right time.
Build a brand, fundamental in today's market.

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