My Buzz

So far #SBS has helped me discover lots of fabulous small business and connect with lots of fellow business owners. My social media followers and overall profile have grown, orders have increased and there's been press attention too, which is great.

My Bio

Hello. I'm Rosie Shelley. I launched Pamper Parcels in August 2014. Prior to that I worked as a Community Manager at Google UK.

I started working on the business last year while commuting regularly to London. Trying to juggle work, parenting and life generally, I quickly realised how essential it is to take a break from it all once in a while to enjoy a little me-time and recharge. Otherwise, as I quickly discovered, it all becomes exhausting. Then everything suffers.

So the idea came to create gorgeous boxes filled with pampering products that help us to relax and look after ourselves a little more. I've decided to only include items in the boxes that give something back in some way. The products are a mixture of natural, organic and fair trade, plus products produced by other small businesses. That way the brand supports the environment, workers in developing countries and fellow business owners. The idea is to improve the quality of our lives while giving something back.

have a business degree and most of my experience in social media management and freelance writing. My degree is in retail management, so I'm hoping an online shop combines my experience in both retail and digital.

My Business Tips

Know your target audience. Have a mobile website. Social media is your friend. Do something you're passionate about and enjoy. When you get knocked down, get right back up again.

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