My Buzz

My handmade crepe paper flowers are a stunning addition to your wedding, event or home décor.

Each bloom is made with love and care to replicate the flowers found in nature, whether you are looking for a sustainable option for your wedding or a beautiful keep sake.

They are made with recyclable crepe paper, although I do hope that they will become a treasured item in your home for years to come.

You will also find a range of occasion roses and bouquets to send to loved ones in the boutique, and my botanical hand dyed ribbons are a perfect addition to any bouquet.

My Bio

I’m Cass and the Artist behind Paper and Bloom

Having worked in the wedding industry for over 10 years, I was horrified at the amount of waste, especially all those beautiful fresh flowers! 99% of which get thrown away. I began crafting crepe paper blooms and it has become a passion, I am on a mission to bring this ancient craft to more homes and brides.

About me personally, I adore any animals….I am obsessed with nature and the outdoors and live in a little cottage with the most divine fireplace! I have three cats (at the moment …)

I started of my professional career as a dancer and singer, so I have always been creative, I could probably list on one hand jobs I haven’t had! I love variety and am quite bohemian in my attitude to life. We only have one and I love to experience it!

My Latest Offers

I am currently taking commissions for 2024, and in the lead up to Christmas will be launching some kits!