My Buzz

The congratulations and great feedback with plentiful new Twitter followers was immediate, and #SBS has positively affected sales of our vintage music CDs. We've also noticed an increase in customers downloading many more tracks and albums - whether it be via iTunes or directly from our own website. We have some lovely new Wholesalers ... and more are most welcome! Film and TV companies will always be able to licence our music at the most competitive rate too.

We have so many like-minded lovely vintage 'friends' and relish a regular flow of customers and retailers to keep this wonderful vintage music 'alive'.

Gift shops and tea rooms are perfect places to play and sell Past Perfect remastered music. Ask Gerald at The Old Mill in the Cotswolds, he'll tell you so; and so will Blenheim Palace, and Bert's in Brighton - some of our lovely retailers. Please get in touch if you'd like to wholesale our CDs; we can offer great prices to enable a healthy profit margin.

My Bio

Past Perfect Vintage music is an independent record label founded over 20 years ago. We remaster original 78 rpm records; 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s music with the characteristic crackle removed; and then we produce them for a new life on audio CDs, media cards and USB flash drives. All of our music preloaded without any of the hassle - popular songs you know well, and those you've never heard before. Perfect!

Our entire repertoire is available to stream on Youtube. Check our channel PastPerfectVintageMusic and immerse yourself in wonderful tunes and nostalgia.

Over 50 albums of the most popular music from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. From classic jazz and swing, to amazing big bands and dance bands, and French chansons and vintage love songs. The most popular artists of their time, remastered to produce a quality of sound like you've never heard before ... Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, The Andrews Sisters, Billy Cotton, Nat King Cole and so many many more.

Our compilation albums are perfect for a roaring 1920s themed party; for tea parties and tea dances; for a murder mystery party or event; for 1940s wartime events and shows; for a 1930s themed dinner party; for wedding parties; and for licensing to film and TV companies. We even licensed a track for the brilliant film The King's Speech, very pleased and proud about that. Our most recent download album - Tea Dance 2 -even has the individual dances specified so that you can roll back the carpet and dance to at home after watching Strictly Come Dancing!

My Business Tips

Encourage retailers to play music in-store. Customers almost always want to buy what they hear - the only way to sell music is to play it. Don't be discouraged by having to get a PRS/PPL licence; the profit from selling the music makes if more than viable.

The 'right' kind of music makes browsing customers happy, and consequently brings more ££s out of their pockets. And as one of our lovely retailers said today "if we don't play Past Perfect music in the cafe and shop, it's like going to a show and the artist doesn't appear".