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Wow, a huge warm response to winning #sbs. Completely blown away by the news! Loads of new followers, lots of positive feedback, helpful comments & support for what we do. We are now ready to take the world by storm in a vintage sofa sort of way. No lounging for us this week!

My Bio

Pelikan is Penny and Rachel who share a passion for fine looking retro furniture. Our starting point is to only ever buy furniture we want in our homes. We look for clean fluid lines, classic shapes and sweeping curves, those things synonymous with quality mid century design.

Then we restore, refresh and upcycle these vintage gems with beautiful fabrics, versatile colours and subtle detailing for today’s homes and interiors, giving them a new lease of life for the next 50 years.

A sofa or favourite chair should become part of the family and so we name each of ours after an iconic person from when the piece hails. Could be an Audrey, Patti or Edie. Or perhaps a Hugh, Cecil or Marlon!

My Business Tips

Be passionate about what you do.

Be philosophical about your mistakes.

Be delighted with every happy customer.

Be driven and ambitious but be nice.

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10% off any Pelikan sofa or chair for all #SBS winners, visit us at

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