My Buzz

I'm delighted to be a winner of #SBS. It has offered me and the business a support network for advise and knowledge from like minded small business owners. The well wishes have been immense and I can see the effect on the website already.

My Bio

After an extended honeymoon travelling through Mexico I returned home to a job that didn't challenge me. While in Mexico I had swooned over the amazing colours and designs of their pinatas and I knew I'd found something special that children and parents alike would love and that wasn't available back home. I soon began to take over the kitchen table with experiments, put my art college background to use and make pinatas for family and friends.
What was a hobby soon became research and develepment and it wasn't long before the easy decision of working full time on my own business was made. In looking back I think I made the decision the minute I saw the pinatas that day in Mexico.
At my first craft fair I sold more piñatas than I ever dreamed I would and if I haven't hooked already I certainly was after that. The website went live two days before my second baby was born. The website has enabled me to work from home with my now three children, Lucien, Ruby and Mannix who provide the inspiration for many of my piñata designs.
In the five years of business I have been blessed with many great customers who spread the word and delighted to have featured on many magazines, newspaper articles and television programmes. The highlight would have to be my Woody the Cowboy pinata making a guest appearance on the Irish phenomenon "The Late Late Toy Show".
I love making pinatas and hearing the stories of how the children and adults enjoyed their bashing. I also love that I have the freedom of my own business to work around family life.

My Business Tips

Have passion for what you are doing. Look for opportunities to show off your product/idea. Things don't just happen unless you put yourself out there, show people your passion. Mostly working hard, knuckling down and doing the jobs that need to be done. But luckily if you have the passion for what you are doing you won't consider it work.

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