My Buzz

Pink Pig Financials are a digital accountancy practice, working with parent led limited companies - helping them to spend more time doing the things they love with the people they love.

Working solely with Xero and other chosen apps, including Receipt Bank, Chaser & Float, we make things as quick and simple as possible for our clients. We also work closely with them to establish goals and help them achieve them, and build the business of their dreams.

PPF also supports and only employs parents looking for flexible careers within the accountancy field, so they don't need to sacrifice career for family or the other way around!

My Bio

I am a mum and step mum to a tribe of 5, which certainly keeps me and my husband busy! I have been in the accountancy profession for over 14 years now, and have been at the forefront of the change to the digital way of working. I am extremely proud to have won Xero's Most Valued Professional of the year in November 2018, and love being a part of many digital projects with Xero.

I love to travel and the fact that being a digital firm means I can work from anywhere we can get an internet connection - this has really opened up our opportunities to see the world! This means my my bucket list is full of incredible destinations around the globe. Australia is top of my list – as an Ozzy soap geek, I absolutely need to visit the Home & Away and Neighbours TV sets! I’d love to road-trip around America in a Winnebago, and experience the food in Thailand, as well as going back to New York (but in the summer this time!), and a cruise around the Caribbean. There are so many more places to discover!

My Business Tips

My top 3 business tips are:

1. Keep on top of your finances - do a little often and it's not the big scary task it seems! You also then have a wealth of information at your finger tips to enable you to plan for the future.

2. Set goals - they don't have to be big hairy scary 5/10 year plus goals - just small monthly or quarterly goals. However you do it, working towards your next goal really does help you to stay on track - plus seeing your progress and tracking just how far you've come is great for motivation on the bad days!

3. Take time for yourself - if you're stressed out and working all hours it really doesn't do you any favours! You'll burn out, miss things and generally hate what you're doing! Take regular times out, go out/stay in - just do something for you that is not work related. The time you take will help you feel all refreshed and ready to tackle the next thing on your to-do list :)

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