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#SBS - what a great idea, thank you for picking us! It has raised our profile, given us some clout and made people talk about us even more...... we are so proud to be part of the #SBS community.

My Bio

Sally spent in excess of 15 years training professionals and startups on a national and international basis in what then became her niche - IT and Investment Banking projects.
In an effort to strike a realistic work/life/family balance, she now happily spends her days surrounded by essential oils, makeup, cosmetics, perfumes, glitter, feathers, fluff and colour rather than by IT strategies and graduate training programmes. Over the past five years , Sally has instructed more than 2,000 students through workshops and distance-learning classes and is now writing her third 'Make Your Own...' book.
Sally has a particular interest in using bee products in her own cosmetics and has two beehives housing very kind natured and generous bees who keep her supplied with honey and wax!

My Business Tips

Where do you want your business to be in six months, one year, three years?
Write a list of what you need to do achieve these business milestones.
Aim to tick one item off per week.

My Latest Offers

Make Your Own Cosmetics! 20% off any home study course or workshop for #SBS winners. Book online with SBS20% code. Valid until end June.

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