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Postpartum Plan is the perfect gift for an expecting family.

We bring you exclusive access to a team of professional experts that all postpartum parents should have access to; physio, doula, nutritionist, breath-work, yoga, pilates, emotional health therapist, GP and more.

From mindset to movement, recovery to nutrition; it is all here.

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Meg is a reflexologist with over 11 years experience in female stress, trauma and hormonal health. Through her practice Meg noticed that her pregnant clients would disappear after the birth of their baby, only to return 6 months postpartum with chronic emotional and physical issues such as anxiety, back pain and insomnia. Meg realised that our society sees birth as the end goal, not giving adequate postpartum support to aid emotional and physical recovery. So Meg launched Postpartum Plan in the height of lockdown to support new parents through the Fourth Trimester and beyond.

Postpartum Plan is a holistic online programme laying the emotional and physical foundation for a lifetime of parenthood. Meg has gathered all the experts that she believes we should all have access to postpartum: women's physiotherapists, breathwork, yoga, and pilates instructors, nutritionist, postpartum doulas, GPs, and more. Postpartum Plan includes a dashboard full of videos, podcasts and recipes; a toolbox sent to your door full of goodies to support your emotional and physical recovery, and the Postpartum Village –  weekly lives with guest experts offering continued support.



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