My Buzz

An overwhelming increase on my twitter, so much lovely support from new and current followers.
I'm looking forward to what comes next in my candle and wax melt business adventure.

My Bio

I've always loved burning candles but never seemed to find one that gave a good scent throw and burnt all the wax away. So, I decided to make them myself. After so many trials and test burns I lost count I am now very happy with my range and wanted to expand so I ventured into wax melts.
Of course, I make the popular heart shaped melt but I wanted to do something different.
I'd always been told that the reason my other half didn't buy me flowers was that they just die. I wondered how many other people had the same opinion.
So, I decided to give buyers the option to "say it with flowers that don't die." The Wax Melt Bouquet was born! Of course they will melt, but that's the recipient choice :-)
I am always looking out for new aromas and containers as the testing part of the process is one that I truly enjoy.

My Business Tips

Keep going. I know it sounds obvious but there will be some ideas that don't work. Move on, it just wasn't meant to be and your new idea will be better.

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