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The impact on our twitter network has been amazing, it has opened up a vast network for us.

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The business founders – Harry Glover (4/73 Sphinx Special OP Battery) and Pete Bray (ex SAS) – both have extensive operational experience protecting VIPs, business owners and families in such diverse regions as Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, South America, Europe and of course the UK, where they are based.

Primarius is defined as ‘One of the first or first rank, chief, principal, excellent, remarkable’.

Primarius is in fact the only security specialist business to be co-owned by a world record breaking adventurer, Pete Bray and is probably the only security business to have a team member awarded a medal for bravery.

In 2005, Pete Bray was awarded a bronze medal by the Royal Humane Society in recognition for his bravery in an Atlantic row. It is difficult to imagine a better qualification for someone running a security company that prides itself in client safety.

With the business owners having worked for some of the leading international security firms, the aim at Primarius is to exceed client’s expectations and treat all employees and clients as business partners.

As well as providing services to clients, Primarius is a specialist training company, being approved by both BTEC and EDEXCEL.

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Network Network Network, this is my greatest tip i can give anyone, the more you network the more you open up your possibilities.

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