My Buzz

I love networking on Twitter and #SBS helps me to do that. Winning #SBS raised our profile on Twitter as the online handbag destination, have brought us new followers and created new conversations and potential opportunities. The excitement of the moment can't be replaced! I felt like I winning a million!

My Bio

My love for handbags, business and disruptive technology combined with sales and marketing experience made me set up 2 businesses. is an online handbag destination - all handbags in one place as well as allowing shoppers to customise their perfect handbag and have fun with it. Handbag shopping has never been easier - shopping based on your bag personality. As I love to work with emerging designers and technology, a brother was born. is a platform aimed at small to medium fashion brands to help them to drive traffic and sell more fashion online. From the personal point of view,I have always wanted to run my own business and feel the success which comes with it.

My Business Tips

Have a vision. Know your market. Know your customers. Don't take No for an answer. Always be flexible and get yourself out of the comfort zone. Be prepared to work hard and celebrate successes!

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