My Buzz

We’re over the moon (and stars!) to have been selected as an SBS winner. The SBS community is extremely supportive and we feel honoured to be part of the family!

My Bio

Proven-Salle is the home of beautiful furniture and accessories, particularly with a French Countryside and Provençal influence. We are based in Bedfordshire and are predominantly an online business. Here is a quick overview of our products and services:

The Old: Here at Proven-Salle, we pride ourselves on breathing new life into old pieces. Our items are lovingly restored here in our Bedfordshire workshop and are typically created using French linens, chalk paints and antique waxing techniques.

The New: Amongst our collections, you will also find some new pieces, too. Such pieces have been carefully sourced, specifically with our French-loving customers in mind.

The Bespoke: Should customrs wish to have their own pieces restored, we also offer bespoke upholstery and furniture-restoration services. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

My Business Tips

1. Be passionate about what you do!
2. Establish a support network.
3. Take calculated risks.
4. Try something new!
5. Test your business model before you jump straight in!
6. Learn from any mistakes.
7. Keep a sense of humour!

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