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Being chosen by Theo Paphitis in March 2011 was just the start to a truly incredible and fantastic journey for my business and myself. My #SBS win was shortly followed by an incredible Dragons’ Den journey, culminating in meeting Theo Paphitis and the other Dragons' and having my ‘Pitch’ aired in September 2011 on BBC2 Dragons’ Den.

Despite the fact that I did not receive investment from the BBC Dragons’ for the Corporate Team Building Workshops, all 5 Entrepreneurs were extremely positive about my Forensic Science Workshops and they could certainly see the benefit of educating students in Science using Forensics in an engaging “hands-on” way.

Certainly the 3 minutes of exposure has done my business no harm and has certainly opened up doors which perhaps wouldn’t have opened, equally, whilst this was all going on last year - Twitter and in particular, #SBS winners were my life line in what was a very secretive and isolated period of time, #SBS Winners were so very, very supportive and positive throughout my journey and remain so to this day.

Despite budgets being very restricted in the Education market, I am still keeping very busy and delivering Forensic Science Workshops throughout Schools all over the UK. Additionally, my Corporate Team Building Workshops with a CSI twist are starting to take off! Why should the kids have all the fun!

I know that I will never make millions! But you know what, I absolutely love what I do and I know I make a difference to so many childrens' lives up and down the country.

My Bio

My early career was in Technical Sales & Marketing, but more recently I spent the last 15 years within the Engineering, Construction & Technical Recruitment Sectors. I made part of my role working within the Education Sector which regularly involved me visiting schools and assisting and encouraging employability skills and promoting the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) amongst students.

I soon realised that the Science subjects were losing their appeal with students and the practical, enterprising & "hands on" activities were becoming restricted within the schools. 

So at the milestone age of 40, I decided that I wanted to 
make a difference and get children excited about Science again! Having been involved in some capacity in Forensic Science through recruitment and also working in alliance with the Forensic Science Flight at near by RAF Cranwell, oh and by the way I forgot to mention my other half was a SOCO (Scene of Crimes Officer) and has worked within the Police and Forensic arena for nearing 30 years, so definitely picked up some good practices whilst developing my School Forensic Science Workshop - coupled with personal study at University of Lincoln.

PULSE (Education & Business Services) was created in 2007, initially offering Forensic Science Masterclasses to Primary Schools in Lincolnshire, but is now offering Full Day Workshops to Primary, Secondary and Special Needs Schools throughout the UK.

My vision was to engage primary school children into learning about the exciting world of Forensic Science through 'hands on' practical activities, using authentic equipment. Additionally the workshops educate pupils about the Criminal Justice System at an age when it really matters, it also teaches the students that if they did decide to go down the criminal route they will get caught “Every Contact Leaves a Trace” and certainly feedback from Teachers has proven that these workshops have and continue to make students think twice before committing a crime.

My Business Tips

I absolutely love to share good practice, with my business colleagues, friends and family.

Treat everyone you meet as you would like to be treated yourself.

Don't be afraid to show your passion, be proud of what you do and the fact that you make a difference.

Show empathy, you don't know when you might need a sympathetic ear.

Offer advice and guidance, it will pay dividends long-term.

If you are an #SBS Winner you are undoubtedly conscientious, keep persevering and never give up on your dream, despite the pressures of running a Small Business, sometimes it is not all about making money, it's how you make a difference in people’s lives .... all our stories are to be continued, with a little help from our friend's Theo & Chris ......
T h a n k Y o u !

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