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#sbs has given us an enormous lift on Twitter and that shot in the arm of adrenaline that recognition gives you. Its tough starting up a business, keep going!

My Bio

William & Katy are a husband and wife team who developed Purity Fragrance. William has been in sales with some big companies and then moved into retail, and Katy is an assistant head teacher.

In 2010 William 'sold' his business to allow it to survive and in doing so found himself out of a job himself as the chain store which bought his business wouldn't need him. After enjoying the summer holidays with the kids, he was bored, bored enough to tackle the cupboard under the sink for a tidy up, and bizarrely, thats where it started.

Will found 5 different plug in air fresheners, various makes, and all abandoned as too expensive to run, and was about to bin them when he thought there must be a better way.....and there is.

A years research and testing and Purity Fragrance's first range of three scents was born and sold on eBay. Although the company is still relatively new, its growing and growing each month as more and more customers change to refilling their plug ins.

If your a customer and have been part of this, thank you so much!

Will & Katy

My Business Tips

Don't give up even with the there's a mountain to climb. Take each day as it comes and keep your customer service and product quality high and the result of all this will come in time.

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