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What an amazing response we had the night Theo chose us as one of his SBS winners, not only from previous #SBS winners, but Twitter followers in general. For the first couple of hours after we found out we had won, our account was inundated and we literally could not keep up. reaching many new businesses to connect with.
Winning #SBS has increased our profile on Twitter hugely and we also increased our followers by a large number so are delighted to now be a part of the #SBS family.

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Our business idea was literally a washed up idea.
As we live on the beautiful South West coastline, We were enjoying one of the several big storms that we tend to get each winter. After one had passed by,we were horrified to see the amount of debris that had been washed up - from the usual bottles and cans to toy soldiers and even an old wig (well I hope it was a wig!).
Giving this problem much thought, we decided that the only way to try and help the ocean pollution was to actually address the problem on land, as this is where it all starts. We spent many hours looking into alternatives and what the benefits are, given that nearly all that was washed up was packaging and nearly 15 million tonnes of packaging goes to landfill each year, we thought this would be the right sector for us to focus on.
We then came across food/take-away packaging which is made entirely from plants, so not only is this a natural product and therefore not using the finite oils as plastics do, all of our products compost back down into the soil in under 12 weeks.

We have had great feedback from our customers (big and small) on the look, style and quality of our products and we now have over 250 in our product range. Many of our customers also commented on the price too as they imagined it would be much more expensive when, in fact, it is often the same price as conventional packaging (sometimes cheaper).
We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not sell plastic in any form and our products are all either EU or US registered for compliance and have won many International awards and accolades.

My Business Tips

Research your area and competitors thoroughly and keep researching as companies, trends and products are constantly evolving.

Offer the best service at the best prices.

Constantly evaluate your branding, exposure and marketing. Social media now makes up a large part of a companies marketing plan, and it is not only a great way of getting your company seen but it is also free too.

Don't be afraid to make many mistakes... but make sure you learn from them.

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