My Buzz

Quokka Box is a fun, monthly letterbox subscription that teaches children how to respect and live in harmony with animals, both near and far. Because they share our world.​ And all led in an engaging narrative from our main character, Quokka!

Quokkas are well-known for being the ‘happiest animals in the world’, thanks to those cheeky smiles! So it may come as a surprise to learn that they are actually one of many endangered species on our planet. Quokka Box was born out of the need for education, as humans are only a tiny fraction of life on earth but one of the biggest threats to animal populations.

We are on a mission to take children on a journey and to dive into the animal kingdom, exploring everything and helping children to learn the impact of our actions and how we can help protect the animals we share our planet with. All done through the unique perspective of an endangered animal and that smile that won’t be changed, because together, we can make a difference.

My Bio

Our founders Amy & Sarah have always been passionate about animal welfare and using education to inspire change.

​Reaching a point in their careers where they both felt they needed to be doing something that really made a difference to both present and future animal welfare, they spent many an evening chatting over what they should do next. From here, Quokka Box, our special children's letterbox subscription, was born!

​It soon became clear that focusing just on the animals we're fortunate enough to share our homes with wasn't enough, and so the focus grew to raise awareness of species at risk around the world and how our actions impact them. And who better to focus all that education on, than the younger generation?

We want to educate them, inspire them, and empower them to make a difference.