My Buzz

Hi and welcome to Rail Riders, we are the Railway Club for Everyone that promotes travel on all railways and the hobby.

We offer our paid members discounted travel on the National Rail network wit our partners at Bishop Trains and also discounted travel on over 45 Heritage and Miniature Railways. We even had railway themed businesses from Bookshops / publishers, model railway shops to online outlets all offering a discount scheme.

At the moment we have 85 outlets as partners and over 620 paid members of the club. You don't even have to be a train nut to be a member, as long as you like travelling on railways we are sure we can save you some money along the way.

Members get in their 12 month membership a members pack, 4 issues of the clubs magazine Rail Riders Express, Club handbook listing all outlets and handy reference maps included, members pen, badge, voucher book and membership card. We also plan to run tours next year and event days for our members benefit.

My Bio

Hi I am Simon and from an early age I have had an interest in railways, I achieved my childhood dream of working on the railway and served 18 years in various roles up to being a train drive which was my aim as a child.

I now run a small internet business embroidering clothing and printing mugs for the railway enthusiast market, and have the great pleasure in bringing back the former British Rail Children's club Rail Riders.

My Business Tips

I don't have a business background to speak of and would not dare to tell you guys how to do things but the only advise i would share is.

Check the market to see if you can offer something that no one else is doing and research your idea until you are totally sure. If you wish to protect your logo get it Trademark protected so no one else can use it without permission. As your brand logo is so important.

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