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I am excited to introduce you to my Beginners Mindful Crochet Kit - "Seedlings".

What will be included in the Seedlings kit?
Yarn - Available in a range of colours
Full set of Hooks
Wiro bound Printed Pattern (printed on gloss paper)
Handmade Waterproof Drawstring large storage bag - Available in a range of fabrics to suit your personality
Darning needles
Stitch markers and row counters
Tape measure
Yarn bowl (made by the amazing Jay from @3dprintland )
Posture cushion
Fidget toys
Journey Journal

Mindfulness is a therapeutic practice which teaches you to feel at ease being in the present moment, this allows us to slow down, to stop thinking about the million and 1 things swimming around in our heads and to fully focus on just one thing.

When we create something (crocheting the blanket) it promotes a sense of accomplishment which in return releases Dopamine.

Dopamine is the hormone which lets your brain know that you have achieved something, it causes us to feel happy and motivated and increases our focus.

So, I combined these two things - creation and mindfulness.

Creating something mindfully can lead to an overall sense of calm, achievement and positive mental well being.


I am not a medical professional. The creation of my mindful crochet kit has come solely from my own personal experience and has been trialled with a focus group, it worked for me on my dark days, it is not intended to replace any therapy or medication that you currently take, it is simply another tool for you to use to see if it helps.
If you are feeling low please reach out to a professional service in your area, you can always message me on any social media site and I will listen and try to help in any way that I can.
When you have purchased the kit I will contact you to discuss yarn and fabric.
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39 year old, crocheting pastel goth with a hippie heart!

I love creating, gardening & helping people to see the light in their dark place.

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