My Buzz

It's only been 2 hours so watch this space for an update but I've had so many well wishes from fellow SBS winners and other small businesses and a lot more traffic to our website!

My Bio

I officially launched Ready Teddy Go last year but spent along time before that planning and getting the website just right and after overcoming many problems finally got the business to where I wanted it to be and was ready to be launched. I have so many ideas for new products which I hope I will be able to develop and continue pushing the business forward. I started an online gifts business called All Things Gifts in 2006 after giving up a career in accountancy which I felt wasn't for me. It's still going strong today and with my knowledge and experience from running that business I wanted to develop my own range of teddy bears and offer something different which customers wanted but manufacturers didn't make.

My Business Tips

Don't give up on your on dreams, keep working hard and believe it will happen for you and it will. Don't be afraid of making mistakes or asking for help, that's how we all learn and makes business even more exciting as every day is different.

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