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Our background is in narrative feature films, which is what we bring to our promotionial video. We love creating exciting, cinematic and engaging films using our skills and knowledge in cinema to truly intereact with the audience. We have worked with clients such as ASDA, NHS and Aldermore, whose video gained over 130,000 views within three weeks. Here are a selection of links on videos we have loved to make in the past.

Kool Innovations fridge:
Bubble Football:

My Bio

I am the creative director of Red Pencil Productions. It is my role to constantly think of new and exciting concepts for our clients. My background is in writing and directing, recieving a first class honours degree in film production. I am experienced in writing for corporate video, short film and feature narratives.

I have also tutored GCSE and A-Level students in media studies as well as directing screens at a Champsionship Football Satidum.

Red Pencil started as we wanted to offer businesses an alternative style of filmmaking. A style often seen on television advertisements. Narrative film is a very powerful tool for marketing. Our style increases brand awareness, informs the target audience but also entertains and represents the company in the finest light.

My Business Tips

1) Take marketing seriously. It is not a cheap and quick aspect. It needs serious thought, serious planning and the right team to make it happen.
2) When considering corporate video, make sure you do your research. Meet the company, watch their previous work/showreel and make sure you get what you pay for. Video can be very expensive so you would need to ensure you get the best results possible.
3) Always network and build relationships with people and other businesses. It can only help your business.

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