My Buzz

#SBS has really given us the kick we needed to take our business to the next level. We've had such positive feedback about the products we hand make, showing us that we're a serious contender in the local and national market.

My Bio

Revive Joinery consists of two Brighton born friends, Ed Gunter and Jonathan Neal. Between us, we’ve had quite a few adventures; from leading troops in the British Armed Forces, walking the length of the UK solo for charity, being at the epicentre of planning for the Paralympic closing ceremony or delivering multi-million pound digital projects. We can safely say that none of them are quite like this new adventure.

We formed Revive Joinery with the sole purpose of turning industrial and commercial materials, into high-end unique furniture for your home. As you may have guessed from the name, reclaimed materials and sustainability are at the core of our business ethos. We use a number of different reclaimed materials to design and create beautifully handmade pieces. These range from Victorian roofing beams, planks and fixtures that have held up local buildings for over a hundred years, to unique slices of Yew, Olive, Elm and British Oak trees.

Throughout both our varied careers, we’ve always made it our utmost priority to deliver to a standard that we’d expect and this has never been truer than at Revive Joinery. All our items are hand crafted with time, passion, care and a steadfast attention to detail.

My Business Tips

Produce, produce, produce! We can't stress enough the importance of getting your products out there and available for people to see. It's all very good making a product that people will use, but marketing it in the right channels is the biggest challenge.

Don't ignore social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest as some customers are incredibly visual buyers. Seeing your product in action could be enough to turn a "like" to a purchase.

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