My Buzz

Debbie and I built the Rider Guider App during lock down.  We both lost our jobs and decided now was the time to go for my dream.  We had to do all the work whilst home schooling our children so it was definitely a challenge but we did ourselves proud.

The App has over 50 audio riding and training sessions, all around 10 minutes long.  The user adds audios to their playlist and then plays it through the phones speakers or through wireless headphones. The instructor then tells them what they should be doing and feeling as they ride and tips on how to correct things.  It's like having an instructor with you as you ride.

My Bio

I've come from a digital marketing background mainly working in SEO and PPC marketing.

6 years ago I gave birth to my daughter and needed an emergency C-Section.  This meant I could not care for my horse at home and so moved her to a livery yard and took advantage of the large indoor arena when I got back riding. Soon I started to get bored and had no inspiration in my riding and so started to watch videos, but you can't watch You-Tube and ride a horse at the same time so I came up with the idea for Rider Guider.  I could not find audio lessons to listen to whilst I rode that matched what I needed.

5 years later, I met up with Debbie my riding instructor and we became the best of friends.  I told her about my idea and she thought it was fantastic.  When we both lost our jobs during lock down, it was the perfect time to start the Rider Guider App.

I have taught myself how to record and edit audios, graphic design and app development. We have done around 80% of the work ourselves.

My Business Tips

Join up with other small businesses, give each other support and advice. Tell others your mistakes and listen to their and learn from each other.  Also learn how to correctly use Social Media to help market your business.

My Latest Offers

2 weeks free trial for iPhone users using code RG2WEEKS in the subscription area,