My Buzz

Creating the look of marble or waves crashing on the shore in my resin artwork on wall art or upscalling everything from trays to tables, jewelley boxes to book covers and clocks to coasters - and even Christmas trees! The rich contrasts of colour catch the eye.

My Bio

Resin Creations ARTIST Amy Finch
Age 19yrs
Born in Chadderton but now live in Wigan (North West of England)
I have Just finished Studying Art Foundation at Winstanley College 2021
I love art so much I have decided to create my own designs and start my own business named Rise N Design.
I am finding my passion is working with Resin, creating bespoke pieces.
No two items are the same when working with resin.
You will also see I can also upcycle items to give them a new or different lease of life.
Can’t find what you are looking for or would like a commissioned piece
• Maybe you have an item at home you would like to upcycle as long as you can get it to me I am happy to work my magic. Please send photo’s first.
• Require different colours to match your own room not a problem. Send me a photo and we can work take a look and work from this.
• You would like a bespoke branded piece for your business or have an idea you would like to create.
• Most items are limited edition ie if I see something I can work with I only buy a few and then move to something different.
• Seen something you like but don’t require it yet please let me know and we can work something out.
• Do you have a special occasion coming up and would like a commissioned piece.
• Would you like to sell our items in your shop or online.

My Business Tips

1. KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.
2. A 'pack or two' or a 'pair' sounds OK, but a 'Buy One Get One Free' is the same offer and sounds much better.
3. Always ask people what they want: what would you like me to make?

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