My Buzz

Glamorous Geek, Coffee Lover, Rockalily Head Roller.

ReeRee Rockette is usually found near a computer or a book, and usually has some sort of plan brewing.

Having left her previous career of teaching and book loving (otherwise known as being a librarian) she followed a new career path of lipstick, blogging and multi-coloured hair.

My Bio

Rockalily Cuts is ReeRee Rockette's Hair Salon, specialising in retro, vintage, rockabilly and alternative hair (although of course everyone is welcome!).

Based in Hoxton, East London, ReeRee wants Rockalily Cuts to provide a fun, relaxing and memorable experience. Whether you just want a trim, a full cut and colour, or a retro updo for a special event, Rockalily Cuts is on hand!

For men and women, we aim to make you feel awesome. Because life is too short not to.

My Business Tips

1. Spend less than you want to.
2. Focus on a return on investment on every purchase.
3. Enjoy it!

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