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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business
Winning SBS has helped my business by widening the audience on Twitter of followers who now recieve updates on the work we do in our lovely little shop!

My Bio

Before having my daughter six years ago I worked as a scenery painter and prop maker for the theatre. I loved it, but realised juggling that with a little one was going to be tricky. So what was I going to do next?

As Emily grew, I wanted to create a fun and inspiring environment for her, so I used my skills to design a bedroom for her that was both stimulating and magical. At the same time, I’d also started running some craft fairs as a bit of fun and to earn some pocket money. I enjoyed both, which is when it hit me – what if I could combine the two?

Rocket + Fairydust was born!

My Business Tips

To be honest I am an atrocious business person in the traditional sense - I go to work in paint splattered clothes and steel toe-capped boots! I am passionate about what I do and really enjoy the whole concept of Rocket + Fairydust - upcycling old furniture into new and funky furniture for children.

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