My Buzz

Todays buzz is using the fantastic shock wave of social media to get the message out there that Rococo Catering are on the map. Both Facebook & Twitter have been amazingly active, (twitter follows up 40%) and we are already enjoying seeing the results of our 15 minutes of fame.

We also had and article in the local press

My Bio

As owners and managers of Rococo Catering, we have scaled our business in order to maintain a personal level of care and involvement in every single event. We do not want to take over the world, simply do what we do, well!

We are enthusiastic and interested. Loving what we do, we strive for Rococo to be a significant part of our clients' experience, not just simply their caterer for the day.

Our outside catering business was established by Eddie in 2005 from a makeshift office in the corner of the bedroom, and small galley kitchen in Wimbledon, London. Having already established a reputation for excellence in London a new challenge was set ahead for us in Herefordshire. Since arriving in 2008 Rococo has set itself with an enviable reputation of high standards of service and exquisite food, tailored to our clients' desires for their wedding, party or event. We continue to strive forward dealing with clients from Herefordshire & surrounding counties, London, and internationally.

My Business Tips

We're always learning but some priorities for us are: great customer service is paramount - treat everyone how you would like to be treated. Get back to clients quickly, even if you are busy a quick email to say you will be in touch goes a long way. Thank everyone for their business, take nothing for granted.
Even when business is really good, still think, what if? Keep it moving forward.
Be aware of who your competition is, what they do and what they offer, never assume or make comparisons unless you understand your competitors.
Always, always, always look after your staff, a thank you goes a long way. Our staff are the face of our business - without them we can't function. Remember we all started somewhere and think what our boss said to us which made us feel valued.

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