My Buzz

It's incredible! I have literally just won #SBS, and already my social media channels have witnessed an implosion. I had planned to launch the Room Junkie newsletter this Friday, so the timing could never have been better. I have connected with so many wonderful people. and am certainly feeling the SBS love!

My Bio

As a highly qualified and experienced Interior Designer, I am passionate in my belief that good design enhances your home and your well-being. Sadly, the recession meant that most people could no longer afford to hire a designer. I became obsessed with finding another way, and after the longest pregnancy in history, Room Junkie was born. By fusing traditional design skill, with technology and ready to go packages, professional Interior Design really is accessible and affordable for everyone. Room Junkie is revolutionising the world of design, one room at a time.

My Business Tips

A start-up business can sometimes be a very lonely place to be, so surround yourself with like - minded positive people on-line and off.
Never be afraid to ask for help. I find that successful people are very generous to small businesses. I won #SBS because I asked!
The hard thing to do is always the right thing to do. Believe in yourself, and you will achieve.

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