My Buzz

Our aim is to empower people to have their favourite cuppa independently and to feel confident in social gatherings.  Our mugs are made from melamine and are one of the lightest on the market at only 126g.  Melamine is extremely robust and won’t break easily if knocked or dropped.  Our mugs are dishwasher safe and have the look of a china or ceramic mug whilst being lighter and presented in stylish and attractive designs.

My Bio

Rosa Lifestyle represents my quest to find a solution to my grandmother’s dilemma – where she struggled to hold and drink, from a mug herself. Rosa Lifestyle was born as a lifestyle brand whose aim is to provide a stylish solution to independent living. We’re based in Fife, on the east coast of Scotland and were established in January 2021.

Upon noticing that my grandmother needed a little more support in drinking a cup of tea or coffee, I was disappointed to find that existing two handled mugs were either too heavy for her to lift or whose basic and unattractive design seemed to strip away another layer of her bright and vivacious personality.

I believe that people living from dementia, arthritis or any other mobility-limiting condition still deserve to be surrounded by nice items. Whilst a limited mobility might  change how you do things, I fundamentally believe that it shouldn’t change who you are as a person.

My Latest Offers

Free delivery with orders over £40 from my website, or by using Amazon Prime (if you order through Amazon).

10% off total order for minimum order of 10 mugs

20% off total order for minimum order of 25 mugs

25% off total order for minimum order of 50 mugs