My Buzz

We are already making valuable new connections via Twitter and have had many people wishing us well. The traffic to our web site has also increased dramatically over the course of our first afternoon as #SBS winners.

My Bio

We are a husband and wife team, currently based in Scotland.

We founded Rosie’s Playtime with the vision of creating apps that encourage healthy behaviour in children which we hope will, in turn, lead to healthy habits being formed.

Our aim is to make aspects of parenting easier through using our fun, educational apps.

Our first app, Brush with Jackson, encourages children to brush their teeth for the recommended 2-3 minutes , twice daily .

My Business Tips

Generally, perseverance has been essential to our success. Our business has been growing slowly but surely over the past year and when we started out we could not have imagined getting to where we are now.

Specifically, in the app marketing business it is necessary to build up a certain level of publicity before anybody will notice your products. The most important factors in building up this publicity were Twitter, press releases and releasing a free version of the app, from which the full version can be purchased. Other forms if Internet marketing which might normally be effective, such as Google Adwords, proved to be ineffective in the app market as the cost of attracting a single customer often exceeds the revenue generated by a sale.

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