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Our #SBS win has already sent our twitter followers and activity through the roof, so i'm sure in time that will lead to some excellent new connections and possibly even some business.

My Bio

S & S Timms Antiques specialise in the sale of exceptional quality 17th, 18th, 19th and even early 20th Century Furniture for the home. Our superb range of antiques is extremely varied, covering a huge range of periods, styles and price ranges, meaning we normally have something for everyone. We are passionate about antiques and in particular about bringing the antiques trade in to 21st century, hence our membership of the twitter group #antiqueyoungguns. We have a large existing client base consisting of Interior Decorators, Collectors, Antique Dealers & Investors. Our website, which we regard as our shop front, is updated on a daily basis and always displays our entire stock. We also exhibit at a large range of Antiques Fairs around the UK and look forward to perhaps meeting some of you at them soon!

My Business Tips

Always have the courage and conviction to go through with your decisions. But before making those decisions don't be afraid to take others opinions on board as sometimes there may just be something you missed. Ultimately however always remember that its your business, therefore your decisions. That way whether things go right or wrong you will have taught yourself so much as you go along.

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