My Buzz

I love making people smile or laugh, it makes me happy. Being creative is part of my soul.
I'm lucky to be working in my dream business creating art and designing patterns for fabrics and wallcoverings to put the wow factor into homes, hospitality and the workplace.

My Bio

In 2016 I was teaching Design and Technology in an independent school. Today, I am a polo playing professional artist and designer. It has been an incredible journey, I sometimes have to pinch myself.
I am building a business that I never want to retire from, with creativity at it's core. Being dyslexic I love to share the positives rather than the any negative impact it has on my life. Hopefully, it will help any other neurodiverse business owners.
I love design which is practical and beautiful, it is my passion and I want to share with the world.

My Business Tips

Do something you love.
Build a business family around you, don't try to go it alone. I have made so many supportive friends through networking, it has been fabulous.

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