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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business
Winning #SBS had a huge affect on my business with me seeing an overnight increase in orders and enquires. One small tweet changed my life.

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SanSin Wines was established in January 2011 to raise the awareness of the number of excellent non alcoholic, alcohol free and de-alcoholised wines that there are available on the market today. We are based in the North West but can provide a service nationally from our online alcohol free wine store.

Increasingly people can enjoy ' a drink with family or friends' and still drive home thanks to Alcohol Free Wine and De-Alcoholised Wine. Consider pregnant women who are told to avoid alcohol for the duration of the pregnancy - Non Alcoholic Wine is the solution!

Due to the low sugar and alcohol content of Alcohol Free WIne and De-Alcoholised Wine, it is ideal for pregnant or breastfeeding women or anyone watching what they eat.

By adding non alcoholic wine to your life style, you can still enjoy all the flavours of wine without any damaging effects of over-indulging!
Let SanSin Wines introduce you to amazing alcohol free wines, de-alcoholised wines, and low alcohol sparkling wines! Start enjoying parties, dinners, events, and conferences in the knowledge that you will not have a hangover the next morning! We can organise Alcohol Free Wine Tasting events designed with you in mind.


"Last year my husband and I gave up drinking all alcohol for lent to show the children that we could do it.! We quickly discovered that we were having more fun without drinking alcohol! But over the months we got bored of drinking soft drinks, water or orange juice with meals or in the pub.

12 months ago we found non alcoholic and de-alcoholised wines - a real eureka moment! "

Having a drink with friends and family became a pleasure again.

On New Years Eve 2010 we decided that it was our mission to bring these delicious beverages to the public. So here we are - SanSin Wines was born in January 2011.

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My business tips are:
Be enthusiastic
Do not let the business take over your life
Be honest
Customer service combined with a good product will always win out

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