My Buzz

Winning the August Bank Holiday weekend #SBS has been overwhelmingly positive, both in terms of increased activity on social media but also in terms of my own confidence that I am making progress with my business. I'm absolutely intent on being a champion for other small businesses and also on #payingitforward by supporting UK emergency services and Papyrus UK, a youth mental health/suicide prevention charity.
I love nothing more than using my camera to capture moments that make people feel something meaningful to them.

My Bio

I've been a photographer for many years, doing freelance work alongside being a full time teacher and senior leader. After 25 years in education, teaching business, economics and ICT to 11-16 year olds and supporting students with SEN, my personal circumstances changed quite radically and this prompted me to step into the world of full time self employment. Spurred on by supportive family and friends, who have been urging me to take the leap for years, I have finally taken the plunge.
I am a vocal advocate for mental health awareness, suicide prevention and awareness of chronic illnesses, as these have all affected me or people close to me in recent years. This is the key reason that I will be donating a proportion of my profits to Papyrus UK at the end of my first official year of trading.
Additionally, having worked in the public sector for so long, I am acutely aware of the amazing work that our emergency services do and so I offer discounted pricing for Police, Fire and Ambulance/Paramedic personnel.

My Business Tips

I'm an advocate of lists. I have a process of identifying what tasks and goals I have for a period of time e.g. the next 6 months, and then working backwards to create monthly, weekly and daily lists. I find it really satisfying to tick things off - must be the teacher in me.

Personal connections are paramount - I really believe that in most instances, people make their buying decisions based upon the way you connect and interact with them. As a photographer, getting to know my clients and making them comfortable with me is the crucial part of capturing them well in the camera.

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